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Department of Marketing Management


Teaching Features

  • Enhancing teaching quality: The Department recruit teachers with qualification of assistant professor and above to enhance the practical experience, teach the Department’s courses and drive the production of digital teaching.
  • The Department pays attention to industry-academia cooperation, and arranges students to the industry for internship to achieve the goal of focusing on both theory and practice. The students with excellent performance may also be retained by the industry to improve the student employment rate.
  • Social etiquette, emotional management and communication and judgment are added to the courses to cultivate marketing professionals with high EQ and enhance the students’ competitiveness on their jobs.
  • The Department actively opens classes for assistance in students’ acquisition of licenses and employment to help in their employment.
  • The Department introduces business products for student competition to enhance students’ capability of planning and proposal making.
  • The Department assists students in their participation in competitions inside and outside the school and practical thematic production.